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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

To Letterpress?

Whilst opening my mind to the creative possibilities of design I have fallen in love (numerous times) with letterpress printing.  From the blogs I read you'd think letterpress was taking over the world, but maybe it's just America and a few choice UK studios.  Danielle and I were discussing it over the weekend and how expensive it is to have designs printed and they seem very on trend at the moment.  In terms of expense can imagine why now I've seen how expensive the equipment is, I suppose that's what you get when you need professional printing presses to get the look.

I've already scowered Ebay for any unsuspecting letterpress seller but they're too savy at the moment.  There's currently one in Richmond for £50 so we shall see how that goes.

The history of the printing press is really interesting and I've learnt a lot about it using the website.  I'd definitely recommend a read if you're interested in learning more.  And I've also just happened upon a really great shop that sells lots of printing bits and pieces all in one place -

In any case, as my letterpress designs are firmly future focused here's some beautiful inspiration!

AND I think it would only be fair to credit Paper Crave who provide me with constant inspiration!

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