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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Quick Home and Garden History

So, we were lucky enough to scrape some pennies together in June last year and purchase our first house.  I dreamed of something old (i.e Victorian or earlier) and spacious, if a little worn around the edges.  Strangely enough Zone 2 kicked us out, as out budget was barely enough for a 1 bed flat.  But, we found a place that could 'just' accommodate us in SE6.  Now we're cosying up in our slightly ramshackle little home which we love.

Timeline commences:

So here's the house when I first snapped it on my iphone 'back in the days' before it was almost repossed from the previous owner...

And this is the beautiful view from the back bedroom.  Although we have a teeny tiny garden the fact we have so much open green space around us makes up for it.

This was out first meal in our house when we met the lovely fish and chip shop owners for the first time and watched Wimbledon on the TV whilst laying on the floor in the living room.

Then the adrenalin buzz carried on and we decided to crack open the Laura Ashley Duck Egg Blue paint at about 8pm before we put together the rest of the room.  It was dark when we finished the first/second coat and realised we'd certainly need another. We decided it was time to call it a day and our first night in our new home we slept on a bed of blankets on the floor in our second bedroom (which is now my study).

The cards started to arrive the next day, and we arranged them on our beautiful downstairs fireplace and we blitzed the kitchen and arranged a few belongings that we had brought over in our cars.

But then for the mammoth moving operation... a la Street Van (even though I swore the last time we moved I'd never do it again myself) - Many arguments were had!

And once the walls were finished we put the wardrobes together.  We sneekily managed to snag some £5 PAXX frames and £15 doors in the bargain basement a few weeks before we moved.  And then it was time for Feather & Black bed frame donated by my mother.  I swear for a while there it didn't seem physically possible to put some of those pieces together without instructions.

And then it was done and it looked remarkably like it all went together!

But let us not forget the garden which was somewhat overwhelming!

And so we bring this story to a close with our new front door...

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