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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Breastfeeding 999

photo by Keli Hoskins

It is a new day and like every day with a new born baby each is a surprise.  But today I am specifically wanting to reflect on my experience of breastfeeding.

I have found breastfeeding to be a challenge.  When it works it makes me feel so proud, empowered and happy that I'm giving Nye the best thing I can to keep him healthy.  However those thoughts fly out of your head quite quickly when you start to reach a rocky period, whether its aches and pains or feels neverending. Breast feeding often tricks you into thinking you have mastered it only for something to come along and knock you off track.  Then just as you are despairing once again everything clicks into place and you feel elated and greatful and full of joy that you didnt give up.

So here I am in bed at 8am with a sleeping baby.  I cannot tell you how wonderful that feels to write after several days of constant feeding from around 7am every morning until 11am.  I was getting so concerned last night about his unsatisfied nature that I wrote down a details diary of feeds and sleeps to take to the Health Visitor today when I go and get him weighed.

It's funny this always seems to happen, just as I get to the point of asking for help everything resolves itself and I feel like we as a duo are back to ourselves.

I am thankful that there is so much support available online, but what amazes me is that although there are so many people out there who will be able to explain what you are experience and empathise as they have been there before.  There will be as many people who are experiencing the exact opposite.

There are ladies on the forums I read who are concerned that their babies are not eating enough.  I always smile to myself because this is certainly not my son's problem.  I think his main problem is that he doesn't know when to stop feeding!  With breastfed babies you are told you cant feed them too much and that if they want to feed you should let them but if I let my son have his way all the time I would be in agonising pain! And then of course you go to the weigh in and he's loosing weight and you feel like an evil mother for not feeding him 24hrs a day. But on reflection everyone needs to find their own way to cope, there has to be a middle ground.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tuesday Linking love

I've been back on Pinterest with a vengeance.  Here's a couple of images from this week that I've been admiring.

Firstly H&M have tracked me down and started sending me catalougues, this cannot lead to good things.  I bought some stuff from their home range for our bathroom and for dressing our table at Christmas and I am now addicted.  It reflects the seasons trends and is SO cheap.

I'm going to try and copy this, once I get round to it...

and finally some FOOD for thought.

Tis my birthday tomorrow, let's see if I can get round to making a yummy cheesecake as I have been dreaming.  A bit like this...

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Week 3 of parenthood

Well, lots has happened in the last 3 weeks and already my time with Nye seems to be going too quickly.  He'll be a month old next week and that is a bit terrifying.

I am amazed at how quickly I feel I have got used to having him around, I have found lots of different ways to occupy him and learnt to mould myself around his routines.  Of course there is no set path, sometimes he settles easily after a good feed, giving me time to run round like a crazy woman trying to remember all the things I need to do before he stirs.  And with every sleep you have no idea how long it will last! (As luck would have it he just started whimpering from his bouncer chair, however a quick stroke of his face seems to have cured his problems and he's not silently sleeping again. Oh wait no, he's just started squeaking again.)

The main thing I haven't had time for has been making and writing his thank you cards, for the last week I've been saying to myself that they must be done.  Yesterday I really thought I had it sorted but unfortunately not as although he slept for 4 hours in the morning he didn't settle for a prolonged period until 7pm whilst we were making Tea.

I am pleased to say there isn't a lot we didn't have once he arrived, in fact we have an awful lot of things we cant even use yet.  However there have been a few godsend items that really help me get through the day.

Firstly an amazing vibrating bouncer chair given to us by friends.  I do have to prop him up in it with a blanket but if he's seeming sleepy but not yet screaming he is either lulled into a deep sleep or sits there happily looking around.  This isnt our exact one but ours is from Mammas and Pappas and exactly like this but different colours

And secondly this Early Learning Centre Blossom Farm Clover Cow Sit Me Up Cosy.
This is what I tend to use in the mornings whilst I run down stairs and make breakfast.

And my final purchase which I have been so pleased with has been the Nappy Bag I got for Christmas from Neil.  I have to admit that I did pick it myself but it was a bit of an odd choice as it isnt actually a 'Nappy Bag' but to be honest after visiting the Nappy Bag section of John Lewis I think mine is a much more practical bag than the ones that are supposedly 'fit for purpose'

Ta Da - It's a fossil Key Per Messenger Bag and they come in an enormous range of colours and patterns.  They have a magnetic latch, fit perfectly over a buggy handle with a really heavy duty strap, wipeable outside with a perfect number of pockets for mittens, hats, cotton wool, etc. etc. etc.  They even fit an A4 folder so I can carry all his notes around with enough room for my keys, phone, oystercard and wallet. = PERFECT!


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