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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Our weekend family outing

As a reward last weekend Neil, Gemma and I went off for an adventure to Greenwich.

We don't often get the chance to take day trips as Neil is hard at work revising for his exams at the moment.  The dog had been somewhat neglected and loves running around so it seemed like the perfect excuse.

Gemma is ready to go!
As we drove over the sun shone brightly as we zoomed around looking for parking spaces (clearly we weren't the only ones with the idea of going to Greenwich for the day.)  Then, just as we parked up and opened the car doors, the heavens opened and sheets of thick heavy rain descended on us.  I quickly jumped into the back of the car with the dog whilst Neil ran back from the pay and display machine to take cover.  Neil announced that it was merely a passing shower and I hoped it was as otherwise I had vision of us packing and heading home before we'd even arrived!  Miraculously he was right and once the initial shower subdued we were left with a bright fresh sky and a lovely day.

We first headed down to the shops to get a milkshake, it's one of our fondest memories of Greenwich and funnily enough is also one of the things Jess and Sean mentioned to us about Greenwich when we stayed with them for our honeymoon.  I decided to go for a Dime bar one and Neil had Peanut butter and Oreo one! I have to admit Neil's was delicious, I'd definitely have it again.

Whilst we consumed our milkshakes with glee we headed over to Greenwich market for a bit of a browse, there were a lot of distractions and amazingly Gemma remained very well behaved and received a few admiring glances and pats from some fellow shoppers.  We then decided to grab a bite of eat before walking back to the park to let the dog roam free.  I had a delicious hickory smoked hot dog whilst Neil grabbed some chips from the chip show, naturally we shared them both in the end!

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  1. so jealous of your milkshakes! we'll all go to greenwich together next year, mark my words!



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