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Monday, 9 May 2011

Grand Designs Show & Bathrooms

What an exhausting day we had yesterday sampling what Grand Designs Live @ The ExCel has to offer with some wonderful friends.  Obviously we've come back with an extensive amount of things we never knew we needed as well as lots of inspiration (and even a free manicure.)

We managed to get free tickets a few months ago and headed over today which was lovely as we haven't been for quite a few years.  (It's actually where Neil & I previously fell in love with the Vitamix. - soup and ice cream in seconds for a handsome price.) I predicted they'd be some 3D TV pushing (tick) and we very much enjoyed our seat on the sofa with our 3D glasses, and were then handed complimentary popcorn! Hell yes.

Neil and I also loved a the beach house which had been constructed and decorated in the exhibition hall, it looked like a lovely little hideaway perfect for two.  There was also lots and lots of lovely food to try, definitely enough to constitute a snacky lunch, cheese, biscuits, olives and even some vodka!  It was really yummy and because it was the last day of the show there were some good deals to be had.  As I walked in I had already been sold on a subscription the Grand Designs magazine with a free Joseph Joseph double dish.

I'm hoping the magazine will give me a few ideas that I can replicate at a much reduced price. mainly in our bathroom which is the next place we'll be tackling.  I was also amazed by a couple of diy tools, one which makes drilling screws in much easier and another that looked like a really easy way to cut tiles, including being able to cut out shapes which is always a nightmare.  We shall see if either of these are as easy to use at home as they appear during the demonstration!

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