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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Bathroom's at 50%

Yet again it has been too long, yet things have been chugging along nicely.

Since my last bathroom update we have tided up but we're still in the in-between stages.  After Neils parents left on the Sunday (weeks ago now) we were left with a fully functioning bathroom but with a long list of finishing touches to be done.  

Here's a breakdown so we can cross them off one by one.

  • Fill in holes in wall left by tiles, screws, nails and bad plastering. (Sunday 13th November)
  • Make good bumpy walls
  • Choose paint colours (Saturday 5th November)
  • Test paint colours next to tiles/coving etc. (Sunday 20th November) 
  • Clean and repaint bath
  • Tile remaining walls
  • Stick and paint skirting board
  • Finish cutting and sticking down flooring
  • Wipe down and paint all walls, (decide which colour goes where)
  • Find and hang bathroom mirror
  • Find bathroom cabinet and arrange delivery
  • Choose bathroom fittings
The bad news for today is that although we love the white we have chosen for the bathroom (that sounds mad to me, how can there be a good or bad white but I am convinced).

Oyster by Wickes

Our bargain blue paint from Homebase just doesn't look dramatic enough to really make the room and it should.  I think it should be bold and grand to suit the rest of the suite.  So it's goodbye mountain rain (which is no longer on their website) - it looked a bit like this...

So we were thinking of going for something a bit more like this instead...

Hague Blue @ Farrow and Ball


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