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Sunday, 15 May 2011

To do: felt roof

So, over the last few days I've had some time to do a few odd jobs around the house but there are still so many to do.

The biggest job we have to do is repairing the felt roof on our downstairs bathroom.  We were lucky enough to get some felt roof stuff off Freecycle but I'm waiting for a time when Neil isn't revising so we can do it together.  The repair has needed to be done since we first bought the house last year, it was brought up on our house survey as you can see it's tatty from the window of the back bedroom.  Amazingly, there aren't any signs of a visible leak inside the bathroom but it's definitely looking a little worse for wear externally!

I think the main difficulty when doing the roof is going to be the awkwardness of where it's situated.  The toilet is the same length of the garden and creates the dividing wall between our garden and next doors.  So there will be some very interesting ladder balancing and I fear another situation where I'll be sitting on a very precarious roof. (I've previously repaired my mums shed on numerous occasions (none of which seemed to stop the leak).  Maybe this time I'll create a leak by getting involved... I sure hope not!

Thankfully I've found a few places to help with develop my skills -

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