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Sunday, 26 June 2011

It's been too long

Wow, I don't know what happened there! I was away far too long, I think I was sick and feeling sorry for myself.

I want to say not a lot has happened but we are about to embark on big changes as Neil is currently packing his bags to head off for 6 weeks on his Teach First training programme.  I have put off thinking about it because if I think about it I know I will feel so lonely.  Neil does so much for me and it seems quite overwhelming to have to do everything for myself (Lol, I sound so pathetic I don't know when my independent woman attitude went out the window.  Maybe it was when I got a doting husband.)

In any case I know I will survive and that it will be worth it, he's actually only staying in London but it doesn't make much difference as I won't be able to see him as he'll have so much work to be doing.  He is hoping to keep Saturdays free though so maybe we can have some adventures then.

I'm making a promise to myself that I will keep the house really tidy and try and actually sort it out better than it is now. (These promises don't usually mean anything as I am a terrible at policing myself but great at telling other people what to do...!!)  But I would love to surprise Neil as I'm, sure he thinks the house will be a slum by the time he gets back as he does all the hoovering and the kitchen deep cleaning.

Yesterday I started to tackle the Garden which honestly was looking like a complete wilderness after all the rain and lack of lawn trimming.  The dog was too scared to walk on it for fear of not making it back to dry land I think!  In any case I've made a good start with the strimmer, I'll leave it a few days (or more likely a week) and go over it with the lawn mower and it should all look nicely spick and span.  Of course the weeds are also taking over the veg patches and needs to be sorted quick sharp.  This afternoon may call for something like a general tidy up and then a nice relaxing bath, sounds good to me.  I'll be right out after my baked potato is in my belly.

In other news I spent a lovely Sunday last week with the lovely Nicola where we went to see a comedy at The Underbelly on the Southbank. I found it strange that it was so overwhelmingly busy but had a really good time.  And, the very thoughtful Nicola gave Neil and I some amazing pregnancy gifts, a wonderful moleskin baby journal and some home made ginger biscuits which I had already started by the train home.

Friday, 10 June 2011


So, I announced to the social networking universe (and the real one) last week that Neil and I are expecting a baby in January.  It's been such a mix of emotions; excitement, joy, and disbelief at how quickly it happened.

We're overjoyed by the news, but for me the reality of all the appointments and changes and supplements and god knows what have already taken over and for a person that hates fuss over my health its going to be a long 9 months!  I've already had my first appointment with the doctor, it was actually my first appointment at my new doctors since I registered there nearly a year ago.  The doctor was really nice and asked me all the general health questions, weight, alcohol, cigarettes etc etc.  Since then I've been back to have my bloods taken which I can do at my surgery as it also has a Phlebotomy clinic.  I'm glad I got it done before I started my new temp job and I was very thankful that the nurse was really kind to me and managed to keep me from fainting whilst she took my samples.  For the first time in all my blood giving experience she took it from my hand as she couldn't find any veins in the crux of my arm as usual.

We're also recently been waiting to hear from the hospital I chose to have all my maternity care in, we don't actually technically live in the remit of the hospital that Neil really wanted me to go to it.  But, at the doctors appointment when he asked me, before he'd even asked the question it appeared on the screen and it left my mouth without a thought entering my head.  It was done and we kept our fingers crossed that they wouldn't notice!  But lucky enough, we got a letter today telling us that we have nuchal scan on Thursday 14th July! It's going to seem so real then.

I've obviously already been thinking about re-decorating our spare room (my study) here are a few of my ideas.
AWESOME shelves
Hello yellow cot, I love you!

love love love
Going to do this with a tallboy for baby

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Bathroom movement and stir fry!

So we finally won our new sink and toilet for the bathroom re-fit.  We managed to get them for £1.02p and are due to pick them up in Henley on Thames on Saturday, we're mega excited!  The pictures don't do them justice but these are the models.

So once I've cleaned up the taps that come with it, it should look truly beautiful.  Now I'm on the hunt for cheap and glorious tiles. Hurray!

P.s for quick, cheap and delicious dinner make this! (Courtesy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks)

Saturday, 4 June 2011

We love burgers! (and sunshine)

Well, what a lovely day it had been today!  I have to admit I spent the first part of the day lying on the sofa browsing ebay and watching 'How I Met Your Mother' with Neil on the other sofa reading through his revision notes.

However he took a break 1-4 and we were destined to head over to Beckenham Place Park but instead he suggested we seek out The Meat Wagon.  (In reality we should blame this particular episode of HIMYM!) As it reminded us of the Meat Easy, a memory we will never forget, greasy burgers, yummy chips and amazing onion rings - my mouth is already watering again and I only had one a few hours ago!

So off we went to Peckham with the dog and there we found are burgers being served from an old ambulance!

You can see I was enjoying it beyond measure! Neil actually wanted another one once he'd finished his cheese and bacon burger but I managed to distract him with the prospect of an ice cream.  It was actually weird to see them in the light of day as last time we were in a dingy dive bar in New Cross! But they were just as good, all served up quick sharp and very enjoyable with a big glass of lemonade for moi and shandy for Neil.  After lunch we picked up some ice creams from the high-street and wandered the park with the dog, bathing in the beautiful sunshine.

Friday, 3 June 2011


So, it's almost the weekend and I have been inspired by some wonderful diy projects on pinterest.

I'd like to think I might get round to 1 or 2 and I'll report back my findings:

Here are my favourites -
For our guest room chest of drawers  
For the guest room
For Neil

Perfect recycle project
Do you have any plans for the weekend?  I'll be enjoying the sunshine for sure if it sticks around, and I can definitly see a trip to the park in my future!  Beckenham Place Park should fit the bill, we both love it (and of course so does the dog.)


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