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Friday, 30 December 2011

Baby brewing 95%

For the duration of my pregnancy I've been reading various baby blogs which help me feel connected and calm about each stage of pregnancy.

I've particularly enjoyed Monkey & Squirrel's weekly bean updates.
So, as a homage to her I thought I'd finally do a STATS update (better late than never!?)



  • HOW FAR ALONG- 36 weeks 2 days. 9 months.
  • SIZE OF BABY- Aprox 47.4 cm & 5.78 lbs 
  • MATERNITY CLOTHES?- I've found GAP clothes tend to be long in the torso so I'm still getting away with a few t-shirts and jumpers but I have found that I'm already growing out of some of my maternity clothes. That said, I can still fit into some of my jeans as I'm carrying high so you win some you loose some!
  • SLEEP?- Well, I've currently been awake from 2am (it's now 4.12am) But the crazy sleeping and waking times come and go depending on the day. 
  • FEELING ANY MOVEMENTS?- I'm still feeling very strong movements, whole hands, feet elbows and what I assume are knees protrude regularly. 
  • ANY CRAVINGS?- I continue to eat my way through the UK's chocolate supply but I've not had such strong urges for the last month. 
  • ANY FOOD AVERSIONS?- I'm still off olives and I'm beginning to hate chilli because it gives much such terrible heartburn 
  • VISIBLE BUMP?- Very visible and ever increasing. 
  • BELLY BUTTON. IN OR OUT?- It's still 'in' but visible to others as it stretches further. 
  • STILL WEARING RINGS?- Yes, but after my bath yesterday I did wonder if I would be able to get them off! 
  • BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK- This week still includes Christmas, so cooking for Neil's parents and grandpa at our house and amazingly having the energy to keep them entertained was lovely. I should add that Neil did the cooking not me, credit where credit is due. (It was lovely)
  • WORST MOMENT OF THE WEEK- I have to admit I have become even more unreasonable this week and really do seem to expect Neil to be a mind reader. In hindsight want him to know what I want and respond to my every beck and call before I even ask. On reflection this is clear to me, at the time I'm too busy moaning to notice... 

Thursday, 29 December 2011

So much to catch up on

Goodness there will be a few belated posts to come.  In short: an update on our bathroom, the nursery, our wonderful holiday to the Wye Valley and last but by no means least, Christmas (Our first at Chez Clubride)

Wedding Photo courtesy of Danielle Benbow
However, the big news of the moment is that tomorrow is my last day at work.  1 more day of taking the train into the City and walking amongst the suits and feeling like I'm part of the hustle and bussle.  To be honest, day by day its becoming less like walking and more like waddling.  Every day is different and a different challenge is presented to me by my pregnant body.  The last month has, true to form, been the month of growth where I've gone from feeling fine and dandy to laden and ever expanding.

Judging by today my brain is ready for a rest as well as my body as I stare blankly at my computer screen wondering what on earth I was looking for.  I'm currently running through a handover for my replacement and it feels rather odd to be passing over things for her to do that I'd normally be doing myself.  I feel quite lazy if I'm honest asking for her to do these things, but I am appreciating the reduction in my walks to the filing cabinets and to collect stuff from the printer!

The thought of a relaxing break from the 9 to 5 today has my mind racing to the finishing line.  1 more day I'm thinking as I press my key fob to the entrance at work.  Thoughts of lying on the sofa and tidying the house make me feel more and more relaxed and I feel like I'm being hugged just by the thought of the peace.  But equally, I'm not sure I can really believe that after that moment I might never see or hear from the work colleagues I speak to every day.

34  + 2 days
So goodbye work and hello parenthood, I'm looking forward to the unknown challenges and the joy that being a mum will bring.  Neil and I always used to talk about how we would raise a child and now we get the chance to actually do it.  I know at times it will be hell when I am sleep deprived and feeling helpless but I also can't wait to hold our son in my arms and love and protect him for the rest of his life.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Sale Preview

I just thought I'd have a quick browse on the John Lewis sneak preview sale sight and what a mistake that was.  I've fallen in love with these chairs...

John Lewis Flore Chair  £75 - £49

They'd really make our dining room table which I hasten to add is now in our dining room ready for our first ever Christmas at our home.  Neil's desk is currently relocated and we have become quite quickly attached to the idea of a formal dining room.  We shall see how convincing Neil to get rid of his desk works out, it will very much depend on finding somewhere else to store all our bits.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Baby basics

We had our third and final antenatal session last night. I'm sad its over but also feel i have had all my questions answered.  Each session over ran massively but the facilitator made sure that we had asked everything we wanted to.

I was shocked to discover i was like everyone else, terrified, unprepared and totally clueless. I now feel like we will be able to cope and most importantly that i now know what the signs of active labour are.
The weeks have gone by so fast for us.  Last week we had our 32 week scan. I had yet more blood taken and all appears fine. We couldn't see a full profile or body as its getting a bit full in there but i was pleased to see he's head down and apparently likely to stay. All his measurements are within the expected ranges and they even took a picture of his nose and mouth for us to have. I honestly can't fault the scan people at kings. They explain everything in full and happily answer questions. (Even explaining complicated ratios to Neil).
But the best bit had to be seeing him stick out his tongue and purposefully kick the Dr. She said she didn't like him after that!

We are so excited to meet our baby boy and can't wait for him to see our biggest nursery splurge.


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