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Friday, 20 May 2011

Keeping up with the blog scene.

I'm survived day 3 of the first temp job I have had since before I went to uni.  I'm actually working for a couple of luxury skincare brands processing stock orders.  I remember on wednesday thinking oh my god what am I going to wear, I need to look fabulous.  I of course imagined this kind of scenario...

I actually arrive flustered from what has been the most irritating car journey of my life, to find myself in a regular open plan office with none of the fashion judgement I had anticipated.  Since that day I've been on a slow fashion decline from heels to sandals.  (It only took a day!)

Anyway, I know I've been neglecting my life when I don't even have to time to read my googlereader subscriptions.  In 3 days I'm up to 562 posts! Ouchies - I need to get that down to a more manageable 200 or so today.  Not that that's really a trauma sounds more like heaven.  I just miss having my iphone so I could do it in the bath! Boo

For a start before I tuck in to the yummy curry that Neil has cooked up for us this evening.

ta-ta for now, I've got some wilco to listen to!

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