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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Stylish Sunday - Wedding Edition

As I was browsing the internet this week I discovered that TK Maxx now have a dedicated online wedding boutique full of wide rang of items.  I got my wedding dress on Ebay for £100 and I was very lucky that it turned out as I ordered with only a few alterations required.  However, as it nears two year since our big day there are so many places I would look  now to seek out an amazing dress for a great price.

I am a big fan of the Oxfam Wedding Shops.  I only found out about them and how amazing they are just a few weeks before our wedding where I tracked down a veil for the big day.  I went to the shop in Leatherhead and I had to book an appointment just like a proper wedding dress shop.  But, this meant I had the bridal area (the upper floor) to myself and the full attention of a member of staff.  It was whilst I was there that the lady told me that many of the dresses come directly from the designers and therefore are in perfect condition.

Another great find has been TK Maxx where the online store makes it easy to track down items that would suit any wedding.  As I browsed I thought it might be quite fun to put together some budget options for weddings that still look unique, classical and stylish.  I hope you like!
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  1. This is crazy to me- because in the US this store is called TJ Maxx and doesn't have any kind of wedding boutique. I wonder if they'll start over here?! That would be so exciting to me.

  2. Oh I hope they do, I'm pretty sure they are the same company. Such a shame they don't do the same things over your side of the pond.



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