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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

12 month update

Sorry we're late again with this.  This month I can at least blame BT who we had to call earlier in the week to sort out our wireless connection.

This month feels like so many months rolled in to one as it feels like every other day Neil and I have been saying to one another, did he just do ___!? Yep, he just did ___. How long has he been doing that? He literally just did it for the 1st time!

Nye just seems to pick things up like a sponge.  I can barely even get my head around all the things he can do.  Yesterday we went on a lovely woodland walk in Sutton (where I accidentally lost my phone) and he spent the entire trip pointing at all the dogs. It's quite astonishing to know that one day he does not know something and the next day he does and it's second nature to him.  Why and how he learnt to kiss I do not know but I adore it.  He doesn't always do it on demand but sometimes when he wants to he just gives kisses and it makes me feel all gooey inside.  That's one thing I know about his personality for sure, he knows his own mind and he does things because he wants to and not just because he has been told.  I like that he clearly has his own thoughts and knows that but I am WELL aware this is going to be a nightmare.  Today he was screaming on the train because I wouldn't give him the cup from my hot drink.  I eventually gave in, immediately he stopped crying and just sat nicely and held it whilst flirting with a lovely lady opposite.  I have quite the trouble maker on my hands.  But having said that he is just so happy and loves other people that I kind of don't mind.

The day he walked independently for the first time was one of those, did he really just do that moments.  His first steps were from his cot over to his Daddy's knee.  I was sitting there and watched him do it without realising and I just stared at him with my mouth gaping open.  Neil looked at me confused at my silence, then suddenly it occurred to him that he'd got there himself without holding on to anything.  Ever since that evening he has realised he can walk for himself and he has gone from walking just a few steps to being able to walk across an entire room.  He's understandably still a bit shaky but he is so proud of himself and gets so excited as he walks towards us.  The way he does it makes him look like he's walking across hot coals!

This month we are back on track with the sleeping.  This is something else that has me realising what a little boy he is as he sits and plays with his toys in his cot.  He chatters away to himself and makes himself laugh and it is hilarious to watch.  As before, he never falls asleep in my arms these days, i simply lay him down tuck him into his duvet and he lays down and shuts his eyes whilst snuggling into his beloved dog.  

Oh Aneurin how special you are, I am so lucky to have you and your gorgeous gorgeous smile.



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