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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Imagine Children's Festival - Southbank Center

On Monday Nye and I went along to some events at the Imagine Children's Festival with Davina of The Making Home and some other lovely ladies.  The festival is being held at the Southbank Center so it's really easy to get to from South East London.  We walked over from Waterloo East so it's only a 20 minute trip on the train for us.

I've been crazy busy this week but I wanted to let you all know as the festival ends tomorrow (24th February) and it would be a great thing to do with children of all ages to wrap up a lovely half term holiday.

There are paid sessions going on every day which you can book up in advance but also lots of free things to do.  The ground floor was incredibly busy when we dropped by but there was peace to be found on the upper levels where there is space to relax and do some drawing.  My favourite activity was the free Ultra Violet Reef which held the attention of all the children.  And it  gave us some time to recover from the fact that none of the lifts were working on the day we went.  I also loved the stage that has been created out on the riverside terrace which is a fantastic space for imaginative play.  I'm hoping the lifts are fixed by now but would advise not taking a pushchair if you can help it.

Have a lovely weekend!

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