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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Stylish Sunday and Miele S6220

I've spent most of this week trying to avoid looking at the sales as we have spent the majority of our dosh on the kitchen but there are some wonderful items out there if you want to grab a bargain.  We have been out to buy a vacuum today as we have well and truly broken ours.  We went for a Which? best buy in the end, the Miele S6220.  It had fantastic reviews on all the websites we looked at so we thought it was worth investing in something that should last us a while which we need.  With Nye constantly investigating every nook and cranny it seemed like the right time to make an investment.  It's been out of the box for only a few hours but it is like no vacuum I've ever used before.  It's so powerful we have to turn the suction down or we can't actually push it around the floor!

Anyway, back to the main attraction, my picks of the sales.
Happy New Year - 2013
I've tried to pick out something for all budgets but as I am a cheap skate, these are mainly under £30 and includes lots of different colours and styles.

Happy new Year to you all, my motto this year will be DO what YOU love. And right now I'm lucky, because I am.

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