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Monday, 31 December 2012

10 Month Update

We have completed 10 whole months (plus a few weeks but shhh don't tell anyone).

This month has been full of so many new developments, and lots funny quirky little things.  I am so proud of my son every day.  When we go out and he is so good, so happy and makes everybody smile.  If only I have a £1 for every time someone tells me what a happy smiley baby he is with only the occasional off day. Oh how I hope it never changes.  Although I have had to come to terns with the fact that he is no longer my little baby and is more like a proper toddler with each passing day.  What with all the walking, crawling, chatting, goofy moves and laughter.  In the 10th Month we discovered the sensory room and have had many lovely afternoons there, I've posted a quick video of his first trip above.


So here we have Nye's 10 month achievements:

I think you'll find that's mine...
  • The start of the inner comic is showing, blowing raspberry's, clapping and being a clown just for laughs.
  • Copying adult behaviour, when given glasses putting them on your face and learning to open doors and flaps when shown.
  • Remembering sounds, hearing the sound of the dog and looking for her
  • Standing unaided for a few minutes (until you realise you are and get worried)
  • Finding unexpected things funny, a paper cup that isn't even that doesn't roll straight makes you laugh.

Physical Development
I will get my dog through this tiny hole, just you watch.
  • You mastered full blown speedy crawling (but you still much prefer your feet).
  • Learning that if you can't cruise somewhere you can drop to the floor and crawl over instead
  • 3 more teeth, right at the top which all came through, very slowly 1 day after the other.
  • Holding out hands for required assistance.
  • Waving when waved at to say hello/goodbye.
  • Knowing when you need the toilet and squatting to do so.
Language Development
Look at me!
  • Learning tones of voice, and trying to stop yourself from doing something naughty.
  • The start of language use, dada for daddy and tah for tea.
  • Understanding what basic commands mean, come here and do you want milk?
I'm just sorting the cotton balls, they taste great.
  • Learning and loving to play chase with Daddy
  • Learning to throw things, intentionally drop things and either chase after them yourself or send us to do it for you.

I live fast and nap hard
  • The new strength that you have discovered means that just seeing the rails of your cot means that you are drawn to get yourself on your feet and not lying down even when you are exhausted.  I have had to develop a new duvet wrapping method where i wedge you in so you drop off immediately without struggle.
Your 9 month waking every few hours has been replaced with a new routine which involves you waking up at 2.30am for a feed then going back to sleep until 6.30am.  I am hoping to crack this one when I get a chance to as it's not ideal.

I'm excellent at gingerbread quality control.
  • Starting to learn when you are full, by pushing your plate off table
  • Weaning has ended, or ended some time ago, he eats like a trooper, cold or hot, lumpy, chunky or smooth.  I'm yet to find anything he doesn't like, unless things frustrate him, he will gobble them up.
Bits and Bobs
  • The first signs of separation anxiety, sometimes you will not let go of me and you almost always scream when I go.
  • Your first day without me or daddy, when Nicola looked after you while I filmed Super Scrimpers.
  • You've learnt not to bite me, but you seem to have learnt to pinch us instead.
  • The jealousy when I hold other babies still remains and gets ever stronger, as does your belief that everything in the world belongs to you.
I'm still a Mummys boy


  1. What a lovely post. Bertie is pretty much exactly the same age so lots of familiar developments although of course they are all unique little people. It's such fun seeing the boys they will become emerge. Do you mind me asking which sensory room you go to? I've been meaning to take the little man along to one.

  2. Thanks for the comment, I am a bit behind with these updates as it's nearly Nye's 1st birthday but I am desperately trying to catch up. I was at Deptford Park generation Play Club, they have a small but perfectly formed sensory room there it's amazing! ( Happy New Year!



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