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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas for Mom

Today I have a very special gift for you; a lovely guest post from across the pond directed at your lovely husbands and partners. So men of the interweb take note!  I'm so fond of the great tips that Jen has picked out including a link to a great website called tinyprints who sell gorgeous personalised cards and designs.  I'd not heard of them before and they ship stuff in the UK so there are just perfect.  There are some other great ideas for you to see below and even some practical tips on keeping note of those hints that we might give about what we'd really like.

Firstly, here's a little more about our lovely guest poster:

Jen L. is a freelance writer and aspiring blogger. She enjoys writing about parenting, cooking (especially cupcakes!) and crafting. Jen is happily married to her college sweetheart and a mother to two beautiful little girls. If Jen's not at home, you can find her at Whole Foods! 
Christmas Gift Guide
"When it comes to gift giving many men know what they want to buy, know where to get it and want to do it as fast as possible on their way home from work. But here is a little secret guys. Women know exactly how much time and thought goes into everything you do. Almost every  woman puts the intention before the cost. Involving your children into the gift giving process will not only amplify your forethought but it also displays family values in you that will be appreciated beyond measure. You are showing your wife how important she is, while instilling in your kids how you truly feel.

Another great idea - ask the kids. Speak candidly with your children and ask them what they think Mommy would really like for Christmas. You may be surprised at what you hear. I guarantee you will not hear the word earrings. You will probably hear vacation, housekeeper or Nanny. You may hear of a designer bag that you were never aware of because you’re a guy and never watch Fashion Police or Wendy Williams. There may be a new fragrance, cashmere accessory or a pair of Italian designer boots. Kids are around Mom at times when you are not and have the tendency to remember everything they hear, even when she is speaking to a friend on the phone. If she loves to read, have her favorite book ready to go on an e-reader as a virtual stocking stuffer. Never, ever rule out a piece of fine jewellery. Just be certain it fits her style and taste and is something she will always treasure.

Keep in mind, Christmas gifts don’t have to wait until December 25 to be received. A thoughtful gesture a husband can do is to volunteer to take on some responsibilities that are usually delegated to Mom during the holidays. Aside from shoveling snow, stringing lights, and hauling in the Christmas tree, men can help in other ways, too!

One way would be to begin early, sit with the kids, go online, and design some personalized holiday cards using websites like Tiny Prints. You can select family photos and compile a collage card design. Your wife will be grateful to know that tedious task is completed. While you have the kids designing photo cards online, you can also use those pictures to make other personalized items for mom off the same website, such as mugs or a custom iPhone case, which  make perfect stocking stuffers.

With all the toys and items cluttering your house, memories from an activity will last longer than any gift will. Planning a day trip or activity is one of the best gifts, in my opinion. Cloud9Living is a phenomenal resource to find exciting, affordable experiences in your area. Imagine giving your wife the gift of a hot air balloon ride or a candlelight dinner from a personal chef. Experiences together can mean so much more than any physical gift.

My last piece of advice is the best anyone can give. Pay attention to what your wife says! Keep a mental note of any hints she may drop, such as a vacation, or things she wants to do. Utilize apps on your smartphone, like Evernote, to help with this. Can you imagine the look on her face when she receives a gift from you, based on something she mentioned during the summer? The greatest gifts are the ones that show true thought and dedication."

- Good luck everyone, the race is on to get everything ready for the holidays!  What do you think?  Is there anything in particular that you are eyeing up?

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