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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Elfing Around with Center Parcs

Here we have my wonderful Christmas 'helper'.  I think it may be stretching the truth to say he has been helpful in terms of Christmas tasks but he has been excellent inspiration for the festive season.  As you all know I was selected some time ago to be a Center Parcs family Blogger and they have set us a series of tasks related to some of the many many activities that you and your family can get up to there.  At this time of the year, it's all about the festive spirit.  Did you know that they even have an Elf Academy!?

Here's my festive Elf poem -

An Elf is the person who helps wrap the presents,
cutting the sellotape and paper into segments.

He's always looking down the list with a beady eye,
selecting the gifts carefully and waving them goodbye.

When the work is finished and the sleigh is prepared,
he's helping the reindeer to fly unimpaired.

Finally adorning the world with a cheery smile,
he's off on his way with just the wink of an eye.

- I hope you've all had some lovely time with your family.  We are back at work on the Kitchen here and it's safe to say it has not gone quite to plan.  But we shall strive through the challenges and look forward to catch up with you all soon.

- Jenni

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