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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My favourite recipes

For just a few dishes in my repertoire I am rather glued to the same old recipes that I have tried and tested and don't think I can tweak to make any better.  They are usually simple and delicious

Here are a few that I wanted to share with you, all well worth a try.

Find the recipe here
I made this for the first time for a picnic on Brighton beach with Neil when we first started going out in 2008.  I had always thought that lemonade was REALLY difficult to make but it was then that I realised it was actually quite simple.  The original recipe was on one of those free recipe cards they give out at supermarkets and this is the very same recipe in all its glory.

Find the recipe here
A chocolate chip cookie needs to be soft on the inside.  You wouldn't think these were from the picture but don't be deceived   And my MOST favourite thing to do is to make double the mixture and roll up half in clingfilm for the freezer.  Then when you are desperate for a treat just simply get it out, and cut into slices. HEAVEN!

There aren't many things that are more hearty and comforting than cottage pie.  I always call it Shepherds pie but I always mean cottage pie really because I don't like lamb mince.  Dishes like this remind me of being a child and just of such simple pleasure.  I'm normally in a hurry and never leave it to simmer for the full amount of time but I did last week and it was worth stopping myself being so impatient for once.  It is a classic, what's not to love about delicious mash, mince and gravy.

I think this is probably my defining dish.  I started making it in 2007 again from a recipe card from Waitrose and I've never grown bored of it.  I like to think I've made it my own as I have my own recipe for meatballs and when I have a chance I make fresh gnocchi but it works well without.  This is one I hope to make to cheer up my children on a bad day.  It's perfect too because it still tastes good if you make it in a hurry with pre made gnocchi and meatballs and everything you need we always have in the cupboard.

Do you have any go to recipes you can't live without?  


  1. Definitely going to try that Gnocchi & Meatballs - just the sort of thing we like to eat.



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