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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

11 month update

The 11 month was a whirlwind that blew by from the 15th December until the 14th January.  It covered a crazy Christmas, Daddy home for the holidays and mummy running around like a mad woman.

Here are the major developments -

This month has been all go, and you have mainly improved on the things you have already learnt.  We thought you were fast before, now you are supper fast and can even climb the full set of stairs.  I quite enjoy this as it is tiring for you and anything that wears you out is a good thing in my book.  

You're favourite game is to constantly take everything out of where it is. You're particular favourite thing to do is to try and empty your laundry basket or just get out anything I have put away.  You have started to try and put things back if we show you, but this takes a bit too much precision for you at the moment.  For some reason you have also started throwing things over your shoulder to get them out of the way.

You continue to play the clown, you've now learnt how to make funny noises like a red indian.  You make yourself laugh, you think you are so funny.  You can also now shake your head but you don't seem to know what it means.

Food is still going well, and you now have 6 big nashers to help you bite and tear you dinner.  However, you have got a little more fussy which does not impress mummy.  Anything green and leafy gets automatically thrown off the table.  But you pleased mummy greatly by sitting at the table at the children center and eating your sandwiches like a good boy whilst all the parents and workers coo'd over you being such a clever boy And you're not even 1 year old yet,  Mummy <3 baby led weaning.

During out break to Center Parcs we left you in the capable care of the Time Out Club which was the first time we have ever left you with anyone but me, daddy or nanny.  You were a star, and didn't even notice me leaving, as you were too busy stealing a car off the other girl there and shaking some jingle bells.  I was so pleased to see you when we returned but also felt kind of chuffed that you are such a super fun baby to hang out with.  I am the crazy mother who thinks whoever gets to look after my son should think themselves lucky. 

Your sleeping is consistent in that you still haven't gone back to sleeping through and wake up once a night for a feed and then settle straight back to sleep.  The extra feed has meant that you don't wake up quite so early so there is that to be thankful for.  In fact, I think we are actually used to your once a night waking and in the grand scheme of things it works for us.

And here ends the 11th month of developments and I've probably forgotten a few things. Please forgive me, we love you mega.


  1. He is very cute - and I love his blue jumper!

  2. this is so sweet. he sounds like the most gorgeous child xxx



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