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Saturday, 4 June 2011

We love burgers! (and sunshine)

Well, what a lovely day it had been today!  I have to admit I spent the first part of the day lying on the sofa browsing ebay and watching 'How I Met Your Mother' with Neil on the other sofa reading through his revision notes.

However he took a break 1-4 and we were destined to head over to Beckenham Place Park but instead he suggested we seek out The Meat Wagon.  (In reality we should blame this particular episode of HIMYM!) As it reminded us of the Meat Easy, a memory we will never forget, greasy burgers, yummy chips and amazing onion rings - my mouth is already watering again and I only had one a few hours ago!

So off we went to Peckham with the dog and there we found are burgers being served from an old ambulance!

You can see I was enjoying it beyond measure! Neil actually wanted another one once he'd finished his cheese and bacon burger but I managed to distract him with the prospect of an ice cream.  It was actually weird to see them in the light of day as last time we were in a dingy dive bar in New Cross! But they were just as good, all served up quick sharp and very enjoyable with a big glass of lemonade for moi and shandy for Neil.  After lunch we picked up some ice creams from the high-street and wandered the park with the dog, bathing in the beautiful sunshine.

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