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Sunday, 26 June 2011

It's been too long

Wow, I don't know what happened there! I was away far too long, I think I was sick and feeling sorry for myself.

I want to say not a lot has happened but we are about to embark on big changes as Neil is currently packing his bags to head off for 6 weeks on his Teach First training programme.  I have put off thinking about it because if I think about it I know I will feel so lonely.  Neil does so much for me and it seems quite overwhelming to have to do everything for myself (Lol, I sound so pathetic I don't know when my independent woman attitude went out the window.  Maybe it was when I got a doting husband.)

In any case I know I will survive and that it will be worth it, he's actually only staying in London but it doesn't make much difference as I won't be able to see him as he'll have so much work to be doing.  He is hoping to keep Saturdays free though so maybe we can have some adventures then.

I'm making a promise to myself that I will keep the house really tidy and try and actually sort it out better than it is now. (These promises don't usually mean anything as I am a terrible at policing myself but great at telling other people what to do...!!)  But I would love to surprise Neil as I'm, sure he thinks the house will be a slum by the time he gets back as he does all the hoovering and the kitchen deep cleaning.

Yesterday I started to tackle the Garden which honestly was looking like a complete wilderness after all the rain and lack of lawn trimming.  The dog was too scared to walk on it for fear of not making it back to dry land I think!  In any case I've made a good start with the strimmer, I'll leave it a few days (or more likely a week) and go over it with the lawn mower and it should all look nicely spick and span.  Of course the weeds are also taking over the veg patches and needs to be sorted quick sharp.  This afternoon may call for something like a general tidy up and then a nice relaxing bath, sounds good to me.  I'll be right out after my baked potato is in my belly.

In other news I spent a lovely Sunday last week with the lovely Nicola where we went to see a comedy at The Underbelly on the Southbank. I found it strange that it was so overwhelmingly busy but had a really good time.  And, the very thoughtful Nicola gave Neil and I some amazing pregnancy gifts, a wonderful moleskin baby journal and some home made ginger biscuits which I had already started by the train home.

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