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Friday, 10 June 2011


So, I announced to the social networking universe (and the real one) last week that Neil and I are expecting a baby in January.  It's been such a mix of emotions; excitement, joy, and disbelief at how quickly it happened.

We're overjoyed by the news, but for me the reality of all the appointments and changes and supplements and god knows what have already taken over and for a person that hates fuss over my health its going to be a long 9 months!  I've already had my first appointment with the doctor, it was actually my first appointment at my new doctors since I registered there nearly a year ago.  The doctor was really nice and asked me all the general health questions, weight, alcohol, cigarettes etc etc.  Since then I've been back to have my bloods taken which I can do at my surgery as it also has a Phlebotomy clinic.  I'm glad I got it done before I started my new temp job and I was very thankful that the nurse was really kind to me and managed to keep me from fainting whilst she took my samples.  For the first time in all my blood giving experience she took it from my hand as she couldn't find any veins in the crux of my arm as usual.

We're also recently been waiting to hear from the hospital I chose to have all my maternity care in, we don't actually technically live in the remit of the hospital that Neil really wanted me to go to it.  But, at the doctors appointment when he asked me, before he'd even asked the question it appeared on the screen and it left my mouth without a thought entering my head.  It was done and we kept our fingers crossed that they wouldn't notice!  But lucky enough, we got a letter today telling us that we have nuchal scan on Thursday 14th July! It's going to seem so real then.

I've obviously already been thinking about re-decorating our spare room (my study) here are a few of my ideas.
AWESOME shelves
Hello yellow cot, I love you!

love love love
Going to do this with a tallboy for baby


  1. i love those ideas jen. so exciting you are having a baby xo

  2. I know that your study will look amazing for the baby :)
    Keep blogging about the pregnancy! Lots of love
    Ally xxx



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