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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Stylish Sunday

Oh Spring where are you? I can't see you for all the snow!  I'm sitting at my desk staring out across our garden and all I can see is the brown branches of winter with a sprinkling of snow which is slowly melting into the ground.  Hopefully before we know it the sun will arrive and my daffodils won't look quite so droopy.

As ever our house renovations continue. The brief is, try to make things looks fresh and neat for as little as possible.  We painted our bedroom is a lovely Duck Egg Blue the night we moved in (nearly 3 years ago) and I do still love the colour.  It's bright but also relaxing, an unusual choice for me because I wouldn't normally go for blue.  I think it could do with a few finishing touches to make it look inviting and this is what I'd get if I didn't have an entire house to neaten up.
In The Bedroom
My absolute favourite's here is the bedding which is £20 (Ikea) the Lamp £9.09 (Dunelm Mill) and the side table £20 (Ikea). I think everything else works really well together.  We don't have any wallpaper in our house but this would look awesome in an alcove. 

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