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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Center Parcs Family Blogger 2012-13

After entering the Tots100 competition some weeks ago to win a chance to be a Center Parcs family blogger, I certainly did not expect to be one of the winners! But amazing as it is, I am, after I entered with my Dream Short Break board on Pinterest. 

Yesterday saw the chosen bloggers making our way to Sherwood Forest, to have just a taster of what we can expect when we visit with our families.  Originally the gathering was due to be at the Elveden site but due to logistics Sherwood seemed a better location for all of us.  I was, at first, a little disappointed as for me, Elveden feels closer to home.  But when I went to book the train tickets, it was only a just over 2 hour train trip from where we live in South East London to Newark North Gate which is the nearest station. So, it's nice to be proved wrong sometimes!

The whole trip was a little daunting as not only was it the first time I would take Nye on a long train journey, but I would also be doing so alone.  However, the idea of spending the day at Center Parcs was enough to convince me that it would be worth the trouble and I am so glad I went.

The itinerary of the day came through a few days before the event and it sounded like a fantastic opportunity to get to meet the other bloggers and learn more about what we would be doing over the coming year.  This was my first time ever meeting other bloggers and it was a little daunting, but everyone was really friendly.  Thankfully, having a baby that smiles at everyone is a great ice breaker!

On arrival at the station we were greeted by the lovely Lilly who escorted @MerrilyMe in a taxi to the venue.  The rest of the day ran just as smoothly and felt incredibly relaxed.  I really felt it came across how well organised every thing about the day had been, and I cannot fault how incredibly kind everyone was to me helping me juggle all my bits and pieces, keep track of what was going on and occupy Nye. Massive brownie points go to all the team for their amazing help, be it making Nye laugh hysterically with fluffy squirrels, carrying my bags or generally looking out for us.  All without ever having to ask.  I really did feel like an honored guest and that alone has left me feeling at ease but also refreshed.  There was a lot of talk yesterday about the brand image and what Center Parcs is all about and from what I saw and experienced everyone who works there seems to live and breath this.

As part of the day we got the chance to try our hand at some pottery painting.  We were able to choose from a massive range of things, ranging from the traditional mugs and plates to Christmas Decorations and Piggy Banks.  I wanted to do something for Nye's room and decided to go for a ceramic picture frame.  You'll have to keep hush about that as it is being sent to us next week (after being fired) and I want to keep it a surprise from my husband!  We were having far too much fun to be taking photos by this point so I shall have to upload a picture of the finished product when it arrives. (I hope it comes out as good as I remember it!)

So, basically we had a fantastic day in the woods, all topped off by running for the train home which the amazingly lovely station staff held up for us.  

All we have to do now is browse through the brochures, decide what we'd like to do, when and with whom .  Then, the next thing we know we shall be holed up all cosy in an amazing little log cabin in the woods.  Nye's first holiday no less.  What could be more idyllic?

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  1. It was lovely to meet you and the gorgeous smiley Nye.



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