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Friday, 30 December 2011

Baby brewing 95%

For the duration of my pregnancy I've been reading various baby blogs which help me feel connected and calm about each stage of pregnancy.

I've particularly enjoyed Monkey & Squirrel's weekly bean updates.
So, as a homage to her I thought I'd finally do a STATS update (better late than never!?)



  • HOW FAR ALONG- 36 weeks 2 days. 9 months.
  • SIZE OF BABY- Aprox 47.4 cm & 5.78 lbs 
  • MATERNITY CLOTHES?- I've found GAP clothes tend to be long in the torso so I'm still getting away with a few t-shirts and jumpers but I have found that I'm already growing out of some of my maternity clothes. That said, I can still fit into some of my jeans as I'm carrying high so you win some you loose some!
  • SLEEP?- Well, I've currently been awake from 2am (it's now 4.12am) But the crazy sleeping and waking times come and go depending on the day. 
  • FEELING ANY MOVEMENTS?- I'm still feeling very strong movements, whole hands, feet elbows and what I assume are knees protrude regularly. 
  • ANY CRAVINGS?- I continue to eat my way through the UK's chocolate supply but I've not had such strong urges for the last month. 
  • ANY FOOD AVERSIONS?- I'm still off olives and I'm beginning to hate chilli because it gives much such terrible heartburn 
  • VISIBLE BUMP?- Very visible and ever increasing. 
  • BELLY BUTTON. IN OR OUT?- It's still 'in' but visible to others as it stretches further. 
  • STILL WEARING RINGS?- Yes, but after my bath yesterday I did wonder if I would be able to get them off! 
  • BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK- This week still includes Christmas, so cooking for Neil's parents and grandpa at our house and amazingly having the energy to keep them entertained was lovely. I should add that Neil did the cooking not me, credit where credit is due. (It was lovely)
  • WORST MOMENT OF THE WEEK- I have to admit I have become even more unreasonable this week and really do seem to expect Neil to be a mind reader. In hindsight want him to know what I want and respond to my every beck and call before I even ask. On reflection this is clear to me, at the time I'm too busy moaning to notice... 

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