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Thursday, 29 December 2011

So much to catch up on

Goodness there will be a few belated posts to come.  In short: an update on our bathroom, the nursery, our wonderful holiday to the Wye Valley and last but by no means least, Christmas (Our first at Chez Clubride)

Wedding Photo courtesy of Danielle Benbow
However, the big news of the moment is that tomorrow is my last day at work.  1 more day of taking the train into the City and walking amongst the suits and feeling like I'm part of the hustle and bussle.  To be honest, day by day its becoming less like walking and more like waddling.  Every day is different and a different challenge is presented to me by my pregnant body.  The last month has, true to form, been the month of growth where I've gone from feeling fine and dandy to laden and ever expanding.

Judging by today my brain is ready for a rest as well as my body as I stare blankly at my computer screen wondering what on earth I was looking for.  I'm currently running through a handover for my replacement and it feels rather odd to be passing over things for her to do that I'd normally be doing myself.  I feel quite lazy if I'm honest asking for her to do these things, but I am appreciating the reduction in my walks to the filing cabinets and to collect stuff from the printer!

The thought of a relaxing break from the 9 to 5 today has my mind racing to the finishing line.  1 more day I'm thinking as I press my key fob to the entrance at work.  Thoughts of lying on the sofa and tidying the house make me feel more and more relaxed and I feel like I'm being hugged just by the thought of the peace.  But equally, I'm not sure I can really believe that after that moment I might never see or hear from the work colleagues I speak to every day.

34  + 2 days
So goodbye work and hello parenthood, I'm looking forward to the unknown challenges and the joy that being a mum will bring.  Neil and I always used to talk about how we would raise a child and now we get the chance to actually do it.  I know at times it will be hell when I am sleep deprived and feeling helpless but I also can't wait to hold our son in my arms and love and protect him for the rest of his life.

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