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Friday, 6 January 2012

5 ambitions for 2012

Morning and Happy New Year!

I thought I'd have a go at writing down some ambitions for 2012.  I have in the past had a habit of setting some rather tiresome goals for myself that tend to trip me up before I've even started.  I remember one year I set a list of 15 things I wanted to do each day, like read a chapter of a book, drink at least 2litres of water etc. Things like that though admirable shouldn't be attempted in one go they will only lead to failure, and I find once one falls off the radar I tend to give up on them all!

The first of the dinner table meals.

Last year I don't think I set myself any goals, other than to get married in April, which we did successfully.  But, nevertheless 2011 was a big year for us.  Not only was it the year we got 'hitched',  it was also the year we settled properly into our home and even learnt how to DIY together.  But I suppose most importantly it was the year we started our family, or at least the prospect of being 3 + dog.

2012 will be one hell of a year.  It will be the first time I am ever called mum, the first time I really learn to put the needs of someone other than myself first.  That's not to say I'm a selfish self centred person, but I just know life is about to change forever and for the better in many ways.

My goals for 2012 are things I'd like to improve upon this year, things that will keep me focused on living better and in a more content way.  Part of my is a bit nervous about writing them down in 'print' if you will because that makes them official things I have stated, but also because many of them are so traditional in that I want to be better at organising our house!

So here goes nothing:

1. Create and maintain a home routine, revolving around our babies needs, feeds, sleeps etc.
(i.e mission keep baby happy)
2. Look after meal times, always have breakfast, lunch and dinner and make lunch for Neil to take to work the night before.
3. Create a (REALISTIC) weekly & monthly cleaning schedule to keep on top of housework so I don't get overwhelmed.
4. Watch less TV, take more walks & make the most of National Trust Membership.
5. Learn more about blogging (tips and tricks) and practise my photography skills.

I started off thinking I'd do 12, but uncharacteristically I thought I'd set myself less challenges in the hope that I can keep to the ones I have set without being a slave.

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