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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Nursery Update - Colours chosen

I spent yesterday afternoon clearing out a few more shelves on my bookcase which enabled me to use one just for baby books which we've been collecting.  Many of them aren't really suitable for newborns but we've plenty of bedtime story material for the next few years!

There's obviously still a lot more to get rid of in the Nursery and I'm even considering getting a smaller desk and giving mine away as I really don't need one the size I have at the moment.  In an ideal world I'd like a nice wooden one but we shall see if something suitable comes along on freecycle.  Yesterday out of interest I also decided to look up paint colours online as Neil and I have been discussing painting a few walls in the nursery a nice and bright yellow sunshiney colour.  Lo and behold I find an absolute bargain on the exact colour we were looking for at Homebase and in the tough durable paint that is probably most appropriate for a room that is likely to have a small child dribbling all over it!

This is the colour we went for, it's on sale as it's about to be discontinued for £12.93 for 5L which seemed too good to resist so I reserved it immediately.  On collection it is clear it will look nothing like the image above and is much more akin to a very bright yellow sherbet. (It's so difficult to describe colour and the feeling it brings isn't it!) We're pretty sure we're going to team it with some of the grey we have left over from our downstairs rooms to tone it down a bit.  I'm itching to get the paint brush out but the room still has so much clutter and I am not looking forward to covering over the lovely Laura Ashley Cranberry that I have on one wall at the moment.  Nevertheless it will get done and look so different and really mark the fact that it's no longer my room and that the baby will have a lovely sunny room to grow up in.

For inspiration I'm compiling some images to keep me motivated.
Via Baby Centre
Via. Project Nursery
Via. Project Nursery
Via Project Nursery
We wont' know for a few more weeks whether it's a boy or a girl and at the moment I'm liking decorating whilst not knowing, that way our decisions aren't influenced by thinking about pink and blue.  And in the end something that isn't so gender stereotyped will probably last longer in terms of suitability for any new residents.

Via Heather Thompson
The image above is purely just for droolovision, the bookshelves are gorgeous (if a little bland all in white) but the cot is a Stokke and I have been admiring these heavenly things for a few weeks.  I have to say I think our Ikea Donation is just as classic and probably more practical as it's not round!

That's all for now folks, I am exhausted!

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  1. I am so excited for you both, cant wait to meet the new little arrival! I love the colour for the nursery, it will be beautiful. xxx



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