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Saturday, 13 August 2011

August Holiday

I've unexpectedly had a bit more time off than I was anticipating as the agency I'm working for didn't have any work for me after my planned time off after I finished my last job.  The time has gone pretty fast, I've been relaxing quite a lot but also been able to have a lovely time with friends.

I am beginning to wonder what I have been doing with all my time, and I think in truth a lot of television watching .  I am also starting to notice that I am finding normal household tasks quite exhausting.  Even just taking the washing from the machine to the dryer upstairs really makes me feel like I need a good sit down!

I drew out an outline of our house today and listed in each room, the things we will need to do before the baby arrives.  A lot of it is stuff that doesn't relate directly to having the baby but I get the impression we'll have very little time or energy to do any D.I.Y after we have a newborn to look after.  I really hope that we can get all of the things done in time.  This list obviously includes the whole bathroom re-do so there aren't many things on the list that can be ticked off very easily.  The problem is quite a few of them involve extensive time, money and energy.  The time I have, but although Neil is at home he's working night and day on his masters Thesis. I swear you've never seen anyone work so much, I certainly don't have the concentration to be so dedicated to anything.

And, you're hearing me right, my husband is home! He arrived back late on Thursday evening and will be at home till his first day of term in September.  It's all a bit scary as in September he'll be a proper science teacher.  I'm so proud of him, thinking of him taking on all those girls and making them believe that Science is fun, useful and interesting.  If anyone can do it, he can.  I can't wait to hear about all the things they say, I'll bet they'll come out with some corkers!

I have been successful in finally tidying the 'Nursery'.  I was given a reason to tidy as my friends came to stay and needed some floor space to put down the bed.  There's still lots of stuff and very little storage but we are getting there.  We have so much clothing and we even managed to sort through it properly.  Being ruthless and getting rid of all the surplus stuff we have and then organising it in to 3 different sections. Stuff only for girls, stuff only for boys and things that are suitable for both.  Neil and I did have some disagreements on what constitutes unisex but we got there in the end and it was so much fun.  Even though all our stuff is second hand it's 'new' to us and it's so much fun looking through it.  Almost like being in a free sweetshop!

I also picked up some Duplo off Freecycle recently and spent a good afternoon making shapes.  I have to admit it was quite relaxing, so I hope the baby likes playing when they're old enough.  In any case I can play with it whilst they play with the multitude of other things we have available.

We even went to visit 'Babies'r'us and Mothercare yesterday.  We found the car seat we've been looking at (Britax First Class Plus) for a good price in Toys'r'us and tried to buy it but they wouldn't let us take the one off the shop floor and didn't have any in stock so we were foiled from buying anything yet again.  There was also nothing of interest to us in Mothercare, we have had so much stuff given to us we're quite stingy in terms of prices we're willing to pay.

However, we have now realised that Ikea do cot mattresses which we're sold on.  We were going to go and get one today but we decided to wait until I have a few more weeks wages in the bank.  They are really reasonable though and as the cot we were kindly donated is from there is makes sense.  (Also our own mattress is from Ikea and we love it.)  P.s how cute are Ikea toys!

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