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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Stylish Sunday

I'm probably exaggerating but it getting COLD out there.  Indian summer I think not, it may be sunny but it is bitterly cold in the shade.  Or at least the winds are here in Norfolk at the moment, as I blog from my mums computer, ready for my dearest friend Abi's wedding tomorrow *EEEEK, EXCITING*

This weather has me dreaming of cosy coats. So here we have something that will never suit me or my purse strings but it is rather gorgeous!

Quilted Trench Coat - £119 @ Zara


  1. I love this coat! Alas I don't think it goes very well with my maternity leave budget (and it's probably not that practical either for pushing a pram around in the winter). Boo. Although thinking about it, I couldn't wear any of my coats last winter due to being pregnant, so that'll be kind of like having a load of new coats, won't it?!

  2. Haha, I think I stretched last years winter coat out, so definitely in the market for a new one. It's amazing the things I am finding in my cupboards mind you, like a new wardrobe as you say!



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