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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Life as we know it - September 2012

What a busy week it has been here.  We've been gradually making some tweaks to the house which have been much needed.  The house has looked like a bombsite for a while now and we're finally fighting against the clutter and upgrading as we go.  This included lots of shuffling in the nursery, which finally feels like it is done.  I'm so proud of what we've done with it.  I'll post an update with some proper photos next week I hope.

Tonight we cleared the dining room table so we could play some table tennis which has been a welcome frivolous break from the seriousness of life.  It also had the added benefit of meaning we had to clear away the debris that had been piling up on it for WEEKS!
Artengo rollnet set 600 £9.99 @ Decathlon
I swear to you, this is the most fun you can have for under £10! We went to Decathlon today and remembered how awesome it is.  I used to play Table Tennis for a club in Norfolk many years ago and I am pleased to say I whooped Neil's arse!

We went to Decathlon to pick up some new 'commuter'shoes for Neil.  In the end he went for these:

Merrel Trail Glove - Palm Leaf £29.99 @ Decathlon
I was also eyeing them up as I walked past them on the end of one of the aisles.  So, to get me back on to the running bug I've picked up a pair in purple which I'm currently wearing.  They feel just like an outer skin on your feet.  For someone who wanders around barefoot most of the time these are AWESOME!  They are yet to be worn on the open road but I have done the running man inside several times. So, they are running man approved!

I hope you're all having an ace weekend.  

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  1. What a brilliant idea - I absolutely love this! We too have that giant pile of unidentified stuff and things on our this would be a good a reason as any to get rid of it. Actually, I may buy this for my husband for a present so thank you for the idea :-D



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