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Monday, 27 August 2012

Summer To Do List & Desk Inspiration

So, there's just one more week of the Summer Holidays left.  We havent been away on holiday anywhere but we have had some excellent days out and we have managed to tick off almost all of our to do list which is a first I think!
To Do List Printable Via Pinterest
There have been so many half finished jobs around our house, but it feels like we are finally getting to the bottom of these months list.  Of course there are always a million more things to get on with, but let's say we've made a good start. As I mentioned earlier in the week we finally spruced up the front garden with some paint, plants and gravel and today we fixed some bookshelf doors which we have had lying around for months as we were missing the screws.  However, after 3 trips to Ikea to get the right ones they are now in situ.

The next thing that isn't actually on the to do list is to find me a new desk area.  I was happy to be holed up in a small corner of our bedroom.  I was hoping a few bookshelves and a nice stool would be a good area to really get my business ideas in motion.  However, Neil doesn't think that will work in the long run as he thinks I need a bit more space.  He has suggested I take over a little area in the living room which would hopefully give me a bigger space and would also be more accessible in the day time whilst I look after Nye.  So, with that in mind I've been scouting around for possible ideas. So without further ado feast your eyes on the crafty beauty of work spaces below!

I think that's enough food for thought.  What I go for pretty much depends on what type of cupboard I manage to track down.  I'd like something neat and tidy and if I can't find anything that would allow me to get  a desk I might just go for something like this fold up desk below which is nice and wide.

p.s for these and more storage ideas check out my Pinterest Board!


  1. Such lovely ideas. Has inspired me to reorganise my desk!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I have to admit I have taken over my husbands desk with cold cups of tea and Post It notes!

  3. such wonderful desk ideas.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  4. Oh, I love these space saver desk & storage. It hides all clutter especially when you're doing crafts.

  5. I Will defo need that desk planner when I go back to work

  6. I need a life planner I think! The house is covered in craft debris at the moment but I am currently bidding on my dream craft storage solution on Ebay so fingers crossed!



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