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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Gardening Beginner Part 2 - The Comeback

So, now you've all seen the joys of how our front garden in June 2010 we can fast forward 2 years and see how it looks today.  To us it looks so much better, full of herbs and now flowers, as someone commented on on my last post, gardening takes time but its about the enjoyment of it really.

 I must admit, there is currently a big yellow bag full of soil sitting to the side which I have avoided in these photos. We are gradually moving the soil onto the beds.  It was originally in the back garden until we leveled out the earth.  But it then remained indefinitely in a big yellow bag in the front garden waiting to be relocated.

Below you can see some of our more vigorous herbs growing well.  This photo was taken a few months ago and the Oregano has since flowered and looks lovely.  As you can see the wall behind is not built of the finest Victorian bricks.  We'd like to knock it down put up a new wooden picket fence but this is out of our price range.

So, the biggest change of all has been that we have finally painted the front garden wall.  I have been going on and on about it for days but I still can't get over the transformation. We've also been able to cover over the middle section of concrete with some weed control fabric and bags and bags of granite chippings donated by my kind dad.

Another thing I've also finally got round to has been ordering and putting up some nice window film so that we could open the front curtains without having people peering through.  Here's the light and pattern from the inside.

So for now we are pretty chuffed with the front garden, even if it took 2 years!

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