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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tuesday Linking love

I've been back on Pinterest with a vengeance.  Here's a couple of images from this week that I've been admiring.

Firstly H&M have tracked me down and started sending me catalougues, this cannot lead to good things.  I bought some stuff from their home range for our bathroom and for dressing our table at Christmas and I am now addicted.  It reflects the seasons trends and is SO cheap.

I'm going to try and copy this, once I get round to it...

and finally some FOOD for thought.

Tis my birthday tomorrow, let's see if I can get round to making a yummy cheesecake as I have been dreaming.  A bit like this...


  1. I love those baby in the basket pictures!

  2. Me too, I've just started taking similar ones myself. Just hope I can keep it up!

  3. I have only just seen this post but I would like to say - caramel shortbread!!!! Good choice ;) xxxx



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