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Sunday, 10 July 2011

A Long Weekend

It has been a long weekend but I'm already not looking forward to work tomorrow.  I do like the prospect of the money it brings but not so keen on the actual work itself.  However at least as of yesterday I can seek solace in the fact that I have got through the first two stages of the John Lewis application proceedure for a Buying Assistant Role.  Now I have to wait up to 4 months for them to call me for interview, but an actual human will review my application now, not just a computer!  Just thinking about working there gets me excited so excuse me while I have some water to calm my nerves!

Anyway, back to the story of this weekend! For a while I've been dreaming of tackling my somewhat unruly study which has been filled with lots and lots of bags of baby things through the kindness of friends and freecycle.  We actually already have most of the things we will need for the baby believe it or not! Did I mention we even have a pram! It's actually pretty cute.  Here's a very quick picture straight from my mobile. Apologies for the terible pictures at the moment I'm feeling monumentally lazy.

Yes, amazingly enough Neil and I picked this up off a freecycle in Brixton about a month ago now. Her mum had bought her a new bugaboo for her second child so she was passing this one on.  I have to admit the steering is slightly unruly (when pushed on carpet...)

So today has basically been part of my mission to clear out the poor unborn babies room and re-locate my mountains of books, pulications, essays, notes and even crafty bits and pieces.  I thought I wouldnt get round to it but I am pleased to announce that I have completley cleared one small bookcase (which is being collected by a freecycler tonight) and re-located a large bookcase to it's previous location.

Here's the bookcase that has been relocated from my study to our bedroom and is now fit for purpose as Neil's bedside table!

The next task after I had cleared the bookcase out of the way, please admire the space to breath as documented here - (please ignore dodgy house pipework we do are best to do the same!!)

I then moved the other bookshelf from beside my desk to the space created. Please see offending bookshelf here on the right.

Here we are mid book re-location

It then took me a lot of heaving to slowly drag even the empty bookshelf from one wall to another, but I got there and it felt good, then all I had to do was rearrange all the books back on the shelves (taking note that there are still lots I need to get rid of.)

And here we have it,bookshelf bliss -

And what is this I spy!? A half an empty wall you say? Crazy times!

The other good news from this weekend has been the fact that Neil didnt have to leave Teach First this afternoon.  As he has to go into his school tomorrow they agreed he could stay at home tonight. And he'll be back on Wednesday for our scan on Thursday. (Although away all next weekend in Warwick...  boooo)

We had a lovely Saturday yesterday as well, I got quite into the spirit of the Tombolla as I flogged 4 tickets for £1 on the Lib Dem stall at Lewisham Peoples Day whilst Neil scouted out chips and churros for me! It's amazing how crazy people go for it, in the end we raised quite a bit which is great news.

And if people's day wasnt enough excitement for me for the one day we then headed in to Lewisham to check in ona light fitting we both liked in BHS which was in the sale but still a bit much for stingy me to fork out.  Naturally it was gone  by the time we went in to check on it this week, doh!  But instead we did find this Steiff bear for the baby in TK Maxx! He's a soft workman bear if you couldn't tell.

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