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Monday, 12 November 2012

9 Month Update

Here we are again with another monthly update, we're actually nearing the end of the 9th month just now.

Where do I start with this month?  It has been truly wonderful with so many developments.  Sometimes I forget that before I know it he will be a walking talking child and then he does something that makes me realise those times will be with us before we know it.  For example, on Thursday 8th November he learnt to wave!

Nye is still loving his food.  He does sometimes decide that at this particular moment he isn't a fan of certain things but always eats at least 90% of what he is offered.  Back in the early days he would be fine if he missed a meal, (if I gave him an extra milk feed.)  Now he does seem to really need the extra nourishment and gets very grouchy if he is without his beloved food.  He currently has breakfast at around 8am, Lunch at 1.30 and Dinner at 5.30.  He has a varied diet, but it is easy to get stuck in a rut with certain things and that bores me to death and takes the fun out of it.  So I do try my best to create new things for him to try, this month he has had brussel sprouts for the first time which he loved and I made some sweet potato falafel which I posted the recipe for on here.

Breakfast - Porridge fingers with raspberry's and strawberry's.
Lunch - Cod with fresh tomato, cucumber, onion and peas.
Dinner - Egg parcel made with spinach, pepper and mushroom with chicken strips and orange loaf cake for desert.

 Nye's sleep has been pretty consistent this last month, apart from this evening (obviously!) when he woke up about an hour after we put him down.  (I gave him another feed and laid him down to sleep which worked a treat.)  He has slept from 7am-7pm without a sound pretty much every night.  Some nights he has actually slept longer as he has recently been a little unwell and had some tiring days.  I know his sleep has definitely improved as he even slept perfectly when we went to visit my parents over half term.  He also now greets us in the morning standing up against the bars in the cot as if he is a prisoner waiting to be set free.  I absolutley love that first moment of eye contact in the morning when I go to pick him up and he does a little excited squeal, massive grin and bounces up and down ready for me to pick him up

Nye just loves people, he enjoys making everybody smile and enjoys listening to conversations.  He has started getting annoyed if I come in to rooms and don't say hello to him but so far he hasn't had any stranger anxiety.  This month his speech has come on quite dramatically.  He now babbles constantly, and is clearly trying to communicate with us. The sounds are now less repetitive and much more varied.  When I have some food I am feeding him and he wan'ts more he consistently says 'ah bababa'.  So, even if not speaking actual words, he does at least have his own language.  The variation in sounds has increased. From Ba and Da to Ma, Di, Bo, Aa.  However, unfortunately he has also perfected a high pitch scream which he now does to get attention if he is bored.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, this week Nye learnt to wave!  He absolutely loves being waved at and waving back and it fills me with joy and amazement.  He now waves at the dog and inanimate objects (perhaps he's not quite got the hang of it just yet...) But oh is it gorgeously cute or what!

Nye can crawl but still hates being laid down on his front and because of his resistance he is not the quickest crawler on the block.  He is a little more tolerant now he has realised how to pull himself up off the floor so even if he's complaining to me he can pull himself onto his feet.  His dislike for being on his knees is balanced out by his love of walking.  He has been able to stand alone on his feet for months now but as every day goes by he gets speedier.  He loves to cruise around furniture and this month he has truly mastered crouching  and even ducking so he can get under the table.  If I leave him for a few minutes whilst I pop to the loo and I come back and he's the other side of the room and I can't help wonder how on earth he got there.  But, he always looks incredibly pleased with himself.

This month we bought Nye a really lovely play table which has two sides, one full of twirly, noisy gadgets and the other with a board for connecting blocks and storage underneath.  He absolutely loved playing with this when we bought it at my parents but since we have got home his favourite things to look for are the lid off my lip balm, pens and roller glue.  Even if you are certain there aren't any in his vicinity he will seek them out and find them while you are not looking.

Peekaboo is most certainly his favourite game, he loves looking for me when I hide behind things.  An instant hit that always makes him giggle the most amazing little laugh.  And I think it is safe to say that 'Wind the bobbin up' is his most favourite of all songs.  It can even make him hush when he gets out of the bath and has to be dressed (his least favourite of ALL activities).

He also loves books, he will listen to them for a few pages then he will take the book from you and amuse himself by turning the pages.  Nye has also been on his very first swing in the park whilst we met up with my old school friend Claire.  He has really started swinging his legs this month (especially when he sits in his high chair) so he loved doing this in the swing.

This Month Nye sprouted his very first teeth.  I remember the first one cut through on a Saturday, the day after I was complaining to a midwife that he still had none.  Then lo and behold a second cut through on the Sunday.  Since then they have been gradually pushing their way through and are now almost there.  With the sighting of the new teeth we went out and bought Nye his very first tooth brush which he loves to chew on.


  1. What a lovely post. Both of mine got their first teeth at nine months too and proceeded to get pretty much all of them very quickly. It's such a lovely age.

  2. what an adorable little boy you have, he's doing so well x



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