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Monday, 28 May 2012

4 Month Update

Where did the time go?  Nye is now 4 months old and growing more and more every day.

A few nights ago Neil and I looked over the photos of us all from the Hospital and it was unbelievable to see the transformation.  To look back on that time is to almost feel like you are watching a movie that happened to someone else as it is so easy to forget about the trials and tribulations of hospital when you have a baby to keep you busy day in day out at home!

I'm still taking his weekly washing basket photos (which I started taking at 6 weeks) and I am hoping to carry on until he is a year old.

His personality grows with each day, so far he is a very happy chappy. (As I write that he starts to whimper on the baby monitor.)  He hates to be still, loves to meet new people and give them enormous gummy smiles and to go for long walks in his pushchair to take in the big wide world. 

I am normally so keen for the future without taking in the here and now but I already wish I could stop time and bottle up these moments, learning to chatter, smile, laugh, crawl and roll over.  I love our hugs and our kisses, how sad I shall be when you are big and no longer want to be in my arms!


  1. Gosh he is getting so big! They grow too fast, don't they?!

    S x

  2. I know, I can hardly believe it! I swear he'll be starting school before I know it. x

  3. Such a brilliant idea. Very very cute :)

  4. Great pics! Such a good idea! Xxx



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